We’re All Going to Die. (1 Minute Read)

You and I are going to die.  Hopefully, not soon, but it will happen.  We will be lowered into the ground and buried.  Those close to us and those who admire us will talk about us, but eventually we will be completely forgotten.  We will never get another chance.

So what now?

If you knew for sure that you would be dead in one hour, what would you do?  What would you wish you had already done?  What would you look back on fondly, what would you try to forget?  This will happen!  Hopefully not in an hour, but soon.

What do you want from this fucking crazy adventure?

We are the descendants of single-celled organisms, who built themselves from rock and water and heat just to eat and shit until they died.  We are amazing beautiful creatures with abilities we have difficulty understanding sometimes.

You and I have been given an incredible opportunity in this world, we can do anything physically possible.  To spend this life doing things we find uninteresting is a terrible waste.  Do not be one of those people.

Go do something fantastic.

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